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Opalace dungeon rules

Dernière mise à jour : 30 août 2022

Our vision of BDSM is based on RESPECT

We expect each of our guests to share this vision during their time at the dungeon and to show respect to all individuals regardless of their body type, gender, orientation, age, etc. and to help maintain and protect the safe space we created for your pleasure.

Here is a list of engagements that you accept when you enter our space aka THE RULES :

  • What happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeons. Respect other people’s private life. Do not ask personal questions. Any photography, video or other type of recording are strictly prohibited unless authorized and monitored by a DM or dungeon owner.

  • Respect the dress code for each party. Unless specified otherwise the dress code is the following : All in black, leather, latex, PVC, lingerie, burlesque, fetish, goth, glam, Xdress, cosplay, Victorian, uniforms . We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone not respecting the dress code or to ask the removal of clothing not fitting the dress code. Nudity is allowed in play space only. No nudity in the social area or outside.

  • Scene in progress : never interrupt a scene. If you wish to observe a scene, do so from a respectful distance and minimize noise and conversations. Under no circumstances can you join a scene unless you have been invited to do so.

  • Nobody HAS to play, NO means NO unless negotiated otherwise (CNC). Take time to discuss your desires and limits and to negotiate the scene in details. Using a safeword is always recommended. By default, “red” or “rouge” is in effect in the dungeon.

  • Consent is required for all physical contact (cuddling, caressing, petting, slapping, hitting, etc. and must be requested and consented beforehand. If a person consents to a specific type of touch, it does not mean that they consent to any other type of touch.

  • Real consent is freely given, informed, reversible, enthusiastic and specific. Without a yes, it’s a no!

  • Ask before using anything that does not belong to you.

  • Use of furniture and equipment is offered in priority to players during or after a scene for aftercare. You must pick up your toys and clean the play station quickly after a scene. Disinfecting wipes are provided in the play areas. Protect fabric surfaces using a towel or disposable pad before starting the scene. You will be responsible for clean up or damage done by your scene.

  • Bring all the necessary material for your scene. You may borrow some implements from the dungeon but you will have to clean them. Single use items such as needles, plastic wrap, massage oil, candles, etc. are not provided by the dungeon. Bring a blanket for aftercare.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the play area.

  • The main play space is reserved for BDSM scenes. Nudity and sexual acts which are part of a BDSM scene are permitted. Play which is mostly sexual should be limited to the themed rooms. Please keep the main dungeon area for BDSM scenes only.

  • Scene duration should be limited to about 45 minutes during play parties, especially on busy nights.

  • All "Edge play" or CNC must be discussed with and authorized by a DM or dungeon owner. “Fire play", "knife play", "breath play", "needle play" and "blood play" might be restricted to a specific area as they require special precautions and expertise in order to be safe. DM and dungeon owner have the right to interrupt any scene of this type that has not been previously approved.

  • No “Toilet play" of any kind is allowed during play parties.

  • No smoking in the building. Please smoke outside and away from doors and windows. Thank you.

  • No drugs allowed. Drink responsibly. Any person in an altered state deemed dangerous in a play setting may be asked to stop a scene. Any person in an altered state who harms the atmosphere and the well-being of the evening and its participants will be invited to leave the premises expressly and without notice.

We reserved the right to modify these rules at any time and at our absolute discretion. Last revision : 2022-08-30

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