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[LIVESTREAMs]!!.UFC 290 Volkanovski vs. Rodriguez Live Broadcast MMA Full Fight, 08 July, 2023

Here’s Where To Watch The highly anticipated mixed martial arts event UFC 290 lived up to the hype with fighters from around the world showcasing their skill, determination and heart in the Octagon. Held in Las Vegas' state-of-the-art arena, the event marked another milestone in the development of the sport. From thrilling knockouts to epic comebacks, UFC 290 thrilled fans with an unforgettable night of action.

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The UFC 290 Main Event pitted two of the sport's biggest stars in a jaw-dropping showdown. Reigning champion Jake "The Juggernaut" Johnson took on tenacious challenger Daniel "The Dominator" Rodriguez. The tension was palpable as the crowd roared with anticipation.

Known for his powerful shots and relentless pressure, Johnson entered the Octagon with champion confidence. On the other hand, Rodriguez, known for his skillful submissions and versatile skills, was aiming to usurp the reigning throne. The battle unfolded in a series of intense encounters, with both combatants displaying versatility and strategic prowess.

Johnson's aggressive attack seemed to dominate the match as the round progressed. But Rodriguez showed remarkable resilience, weathered the storm, and launched his own counterattack. The crowd went wild as both fighters put everything on the line and reached a climax in the championship round.

In an exciting twist of fate, Rodriguez landed a perfectly timed takedown near the end of round five. With the crowd on their feet, Johnson scored the game-ending rear-naked choke, sending him off just before the final bell. The arena erupted in cheers as Daniel the Dominator Rodriguez was crowned the new UFC Welterweight Champion, ending Johnson's reigning reign. Co-main event: new star shines bright The side main event of UFC 290 featured two up-and-coming lightweight stars, Anthony "The Phenom" Perez and Emily "The Enigma" Edwards. The fight promised fireworks, as both fighters were known for their explosive punches and unyielding determination.

A dynamic forward with lightning speed, Perez showed his skill early in the game, creating a series of devastating combinations. However, Edwards proved to be a tough opponent, showing her incredible mind and resilience. The battle quickly escalated into a back-and-forth battle, with each fighter refusing to back down. In a moment that will go down in UFC history, Edwards unleashed a powerful backfist in the third round that caught Perez in the jaw. The impact was so great that Perez crashed into the canvas. The referee stepped in and waved as Edwards celebrated his stunning knockout win. This remarkable display of skill and precision has cemented Edwards' status as a rising star in the lightweight class.

Undercard highlights:

Aside from the big duels, UFC 290 featured a stacked undercard showcasing the organization's incredible talent. Several fighters put up outstanding performances and left fans in awe of their skill.

One of the standout moments on the undercard saw heavyweight contestant Max "The Maurer" Martinez execute a devastating right overhand attack that knocked out opponent James "The Juggernaut" Adams. It was time to hit the mat. The explosive knockout gave Martinez a performance worthy of the bonus of the night, pushing him further into the heavyweight division.


UFC 290 will be remembered as a night of incredible fights and incredible performances. From the Clash of the Titans main event to the rising stars on the secondary main map, this event showcased the heart and skill that make mixed martial arts so compelling. Thanks And Welcome

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